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Retail Realty Services

Robert (Bob) Stevenson joined Retail Realty Services in 2013 from another local brokerage firm. Bob has a success story from some of the best names in the retail world. Having represented companies such as Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin-Donuts, Office Max, Car Toys, KinderCare Learning Centers and CSK Auto (now O'Reilly) Bob has learned how to work with the internal corporate departments. Bob currently represents Qdoba Mexican Grill in the greater Seattle market where they have grown from 10 stores to 19. Bob can handle as little or as much as you need in a successful leasing or sale transaction for both the Tenant and the Landlord. With 30 plus years of working with leases, expansion plans and individual store owners and single tenant landlords you can be sure that your needs will be met.

Joseph (Joe) Beynon founded Retail Realty Services in 2001 in the midst of the recession after 9-11. From the beginning Joe has exceeded his clients expectations and continues to do so. Currently representing Pet Pros, Joe has been instrumental in that companies expansion growth throughout both Washington and Oregon from 7 stores to 23. National experience with companies such as The Gap and Eddie Bauer he knows the national as well as local markets. Since the beginning he has catered to both small and large clients and has found sites for Bartell Drug, AutoZone, Best Western Motels and represented Landlords on deals with Edward Jones, Starbucks, All State Insurance, Eagle Mortgage and Opus Bank among others. In 2009 Joe founded Retail Construction Services to be able to better serve his clients. Retail Construction has built all of the Pet Pros stores since that time, Design Within Reach and NapaStyle stores nationwide, assisted Michael Chiarello on the successful Bottega Restaurant in the Napa Valley, Dominos Pizza and more.

Brandon Beynon joined Retail Construction Services (RCS) from the beginning. Brandon's experience runs across many retail concepts including Cup Cakes stores, restaurants, traditional retail and offices. Brandon does not miss delivery dates. He works with the client to set the opening dates and makes them happen. Just ask satisfied Anytime Fitness that contracted with RCS in 2012 for a unit that had to be open by the end of the year. The timeline was virtually undoable but as always he pulled out all the stops and hit the deadline to the delight of the satisfied client. Or ask Bellevue Optometry or Smiles 4 Kids. They'll tell you the same thing. Having worked in the retail field and having worked as a real estate agent he understands how to work with the client and the building owners to "make it happen".

Current Exclusive Tenant Relationships:

  • Design Within Reach, Greater Puget Sound

  • Design Within Reach

  • Pet Pros, Greater Puget Sound

  • Pet Pro's

  • Tacos Guaymas, Greater Puget Sound

  • Napa Style, Greater Puget Sound

  • Qdoba Mexican Grill, Greater Puget Sound

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